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Functional Area
Experience Geography Industry
Advised East Asia's mobile market leader on its restructuring in the face of technology evolution and intensifying competition East Asia Telecom Services
Experience Geography Industry
Created the scale-up approach for a health and social security centre in Southern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Healthcare
Supported a social initiative to improve the quality and approach of education delivery in government primary schools in a Southern Indian state South Asia Education
Experience Geography Industry
Improved the management processes of a global social service delivery organization to make fundraising more effective Sub-Saharan Africa Social Sector
Advised the incumbent telecom operator on restructuring their network and IT in the face of converging technology platforms across the various business lines Middle East Telecom Services
Experience Geography Industry
Advised a leading Middle Eastern country's ministry on privatizing the media industry - including designing the overall philosophy for the industry, licensing for satellite TV and FM radio and defining the basic principles for the broadcasting act Middle East Media & Entertainment
Reviewed the Bank's proposed strategy to create an IT-enabled services industry in a South Asian country South Asia Telecom Services
Experience Geography Industry
Strategically reoriented a complex program catering to child well-being in Sub-Saharan Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Social Sector
Created the investment case for a social initiative targeting to strengthen the sexual rights of young girls in India South Asia Social Sector
Created a counter-competitive strategy for the mobile operator to outdo a strong competitor operating on multiple technology platforms at a large scale South Asia Telecom Services
Advised on a complex service delivery approach to improve child health in Southern India South Asia Healthcare
Worked with an entertainment content producer on the scale-up strategy, funding plan and fundraising through private equity and listing options South Asia Media & Entertainment
Developed the strategy and business plan for a wind-farm investment in East Europe Europe Renewable Energy
Worked with a recycling business to solidify the expansion strategy and business plan to raise funds Europe Recycling
Facilitated the creation of the managed services strategy - to be executed/delivered for the global platform from an India base East Asia Telecom Services
Evaluated the mobile telephony business franchise of a mid-market operator for an equity investor South Asia Telecom Services
Evaluated the business potential/value of a cable service provider for a potential acquirer South Asia Telecom Services
Drafted the competitive strategy (based on client interactions) of a global leading people advisory firm for the India market South Asia Services
Validated the strategy of a new university for a three country, three campus university model focused on facilitating economic development. This included reviewing the distance learning approach for developing market-oriented skills among the above-35 years work-force Central Asia Education
Facilitated a consolidation of strategic thinking at the CDMA mobile operator with a view to designing an organization that would be robust over the next 3-5 years South Asia Telecom Services
Experience Geography Industry
Conducted multiple training rounds to build the market assessment and strategy formulation skills of a high-end analytics business South Asia Services